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English for Adults

General English

Learning Source: Oxford University Press

General English incorporates the varied dialects of English that are used around the world. While the majority of this language is based on American and British English, other varieties that are used in such places as India, Australia, Singapore, Europe, and African and Asian countries are included. While some of these places have learned to use English as a consequence of colonialism, others choose to learn it as a requirement to partake in global communication.

The General English program at LEIT will help students learn how English is spoken and used in real life, day-to-day situations. Students will have a chance to sharpen their knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, idioms, and pronunciation, while practicing reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills simultaneously. Upon completion of our General English course, students will have the skills they need to produce accurate and authentic everyday communication outside the classroom.

General English:

Age: Above 17 / Adults (based on placement test result)

Level: 9 levels

Duration: 2 – 3 months per level; up to 2.5 years to complete

Subjects: Vocabulary, Grammar, Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing

In-company Training

In-company Training is a training that is held within the company to improve communication skills and performance of the staff. It is designed to meet the customized needs of the company to fit its business type, management, and operational style. In-company Training is a branch of ESP and may consist of development of correspondence skills, how to overcome complaints, how to prioritize inquiries, etc.

LEIT has an In-company Training package whose materials can be tailored to suit the particular departments and divisions in a company, in order to help the company set the pace against other industry leaders. With a unique needs-based syllabus and tailor-made materials, the employees do not need to waste their valuable time learning unrelated subjects which appear in some course books. This, in turn, will help companies cut unnecessary costs and achieve quick and clear results.