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27 September 2014


Another great year to celebrate! Yes, Leadership English Institute (LEIT) celebrated its  9th anniversary on Saturday, 27th September 2014. The event was held at The Ballroom – PX Pavillion in Puri Indah, West Jakarta, from 2 pm until 6 pm. LEIT anthem ’I’m proud to be a Leader’ was sung enthusiastically through the hall, marking the beginning of the celebrations. The opening show was met with excitement and passion as all the teachers stood together on stage to lead the audience in the sing-a-long. The children, parents, and all of the guests clapped their hands and happily sang along with the teachers. Everyone looked gleeful, particularly the children. Many of them even came up to the stage during the performance to make the show more festive! 
Right after that, the ‘Peek a Boo’ competition began for LEIT’s excited students. The participants had to guess the picture shown on the screen. The game was made challenging by hiding some parts of the pictures.The participants then had to guess the picture correctly as fast as possible. All the students looked very keen to beat one another.
We had a vocal performance of ’To Love You More‘ as the next show. This turned out to be a spectacular rendition by one of LEIT’s very talented students. Her golden voice was truly amazing and the guests listened in captivation to each word she sung. Continuing the excitement, a group of LEIT’s cutest kids performed ’Que Sera–Sera‘ on stage.  All the guests showed their enthusiasm by standing around the stage to take pictures of the wonderful routine.  
Afterwards, another competition called ’Quick Counts‘ began . Each participant played one round where they were given a word by the MC and had to count the letters as quickly as possible. This game was a challenge to the students as they needed to have confidence in their spelling skills. Following this, we had a sophisticated performance from LEIT Taman Palem students, who presented a lovely declamation called ’If I was a Hero‘. The guests were left enchanted by the heart the students put into the reading of the poem.
And here we were at the last competition, called ’Pick and Pile‘. In this game, the participants were divided into two groups, and each of them picked a card with a number on it. Pictures were then shown to them based on the number they got. The students had to remember all the pictures so that at the end, when the MC said a category, they could recall the picture that fit into that category.
Finally the moment came to distribute the prizes to the winners of the competitions. There were 3 awards - one for the champion, one for the first runner-up and another for the second runner-up. The prizes were not only for the competitions but also for the winners of the doorprize raffle. Everyone came to pick up their award with enthusiasm and they never forgot to give their best smile for the camera. This final event bought the show to its end.
And it was time for us to say goodbye. LEIT 9th Anniversary Celebration was officially over and it was fantastic to see how the events of the day brought LEIT’s whole team and the students closer together. Everyone looked very satisfied and joyful as they walked out of the hall. LEIT’s big team had successfully organized a remarkable event which would always be remembered by all the guests. Congratulations LEIT, and see you again next year, Leaders!

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