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31 August 2014

Marketing and Leadership: Theory & Practice

30 – 31 August 2014

Leadership-English  Institute (LEIT) conducted its two day workshop for all centers from 30th–31st August 2014 at Fame Hotel, Gading Serpong. Mrs Yuly, as the founder of LEIT, set up the workshop to offer employees a deeper understanding of the company and the leadership values that LEIT strongly abides by (integrity, compassion, intelligence, self–confidence and determination). The  workshop also aimed to develop employees’ leadership and marketing skills so that they would be able to provide service excellence and quick service recovery to LEIT’s beloved current and future customers.

The main focus of this two-day workshop was to advance employees’ leadership skills and their knowledge of LEIT’s marketing strategy.  On the first day, the employees learned about the framework of marketing, customer value, consumer behaviour, and customer satisfaction that can create the WOW effect in customers.  The  session was completed with a study of LEIT’s marketing management – including its target market, differentiation, positioning, branding and leadership theory. On the second day, the employees learned about marketing and sales strategy, service excellence strategy, service recovery strategy, the power of WOM (word of mouth) and how to boost positive WOM. At the end of the workshop, all employees were given an opportunity to actively participate in real–life simulations to put into practice the theories covered over the two days.

Overall the workshop ran very smoothly, with employees enthusiastically engaged across the events of the two days. As a professional speaker, Mrs   Yuly was able to provide motivation and support to her employees, placing stress on teamwork in order to achieve success and boost confidence – all to provide LEIT’s customers with the highest level of service.

For parents and students out there who are still looking for a professional English course, you are currently on the right page! Leadership English Institute (LEIT) is the English course that gives children a wider range of education experience than any other English course because English is integrated with leadership education in every lesson. This unique approach to language learning, coupled with the support of excellent management, creative teaching methods, professional training, and exceptional human resources, provides our students with an education that will allow them to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Be a Winner, be a Leader!!!

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