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Study Tour “Learning English through Food Crafting” with LEIT Indonesia

18 June 2014

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world”

- J.R.R Tolkien-

It was a bright and beautiful day on Wednesday, June 18, 2014, especially for LEIT’s students. Yes! It was time for the study tour! Both students and teachers looked excited and in high spirits as they gathered at the meeting points at LEIT Poris and Taman. After all the participants had arrived, we started the trip at 8.00 am. While on the bus the teachers sang together and had fun with the students. Even these small moments can be important in creating bonds between teachers and students. Everyone looked very cheerful and enthusiastic as the bus made its way towards Senayan City Mall. “Learning English through Food Crafting” was the theme of this study tour, and students were soon to try their capable hands in the kitchens of Domino’s Pizza and Burger King. They arrived at the mall at 9 am and were ready to start the sessions.

The students were split into two groups of 80 participants – the first group would do the kitchen tour in Domino’s Pizza and the second group would begin in Burger King. They would be guided by the teachers and the restaurant crews. The groups would first finish their sessions in their respective kitchens before switching over. Right after the little briefing about what to do there, they finally started the kitchen tour. The students could not hide their excitement as they made their way into the restaurants and their laughter seemed to echo through the whole mall! This would be a very enjoyable session.

The first group began in Domino’s Pizza. They were guided by a friendly restaurant crew and supported by the teachers. The students carefully and hungrily followed the instructions whilst having many questions to ask about the pizza making process. They took this opportunity to learn so much about international food and especially pizza itself. What made it more interesting and challenging was the opportunity the students had to create their own pizzas! The students were supervised by the restaurant crew who were ready to assist them just in case they needed help or if something were to happen during the pizza making process. This was definitely the most enjoyable part of the tour! The students looked determined to make the most delicious pizza, and after finishing their masterpieces, they got to taste their creations with their friends. The pizzas looked very yummy, proving our students have what it takes to be the next Domino’s head chef!

Continuing the excitement, the second group who began their tour in Burger King were also looking very enthusiastic to learn more about burgers. Just like the students who traveled around Domino’s Pizza, the students in the kitchen tour of Burger King also followed the instructions from the crew and the teachers as they made their way around the restaurant. This eventually led to the students’ favourite moment: Creating their own burgers! The students were guided by the restaurant crew who were ready to help them if they needed assistance. Their little hands demonstrated a lot of creativity as they focused on making their delicious burgers. Right after they completed their works of art, the students got together to feast on the best burgers Burger King had ever seen.

The final exciting event of the tour was the taking of our big photograph. Both restaurant crews joined in with the excitement, feeling they played a part in bringing happiness to the students during the food crafting. After that it was time for us to say goodbye for now. Yes, LEIT’s study tour was officially over, but the closeness shown between LEIT’s teachers, the students and the restaurant crews during the kitchen tours will not be forgotten. Everyone looked very satisfied and joyful at the conclusion of this fantastic day out. Congratulations go to LEIT’s crew who had successfully organized a remarkable study tour which will always be remembered by us. Our heartfelt thanks to LEIT for inviting us to be a part of this study tour. Last but not least, see you again next year, leaders!

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