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About LEIT Leadership English Institute

LEIT (Leadership-English Institute) was established on September 18, 2005 in Tangerang. Since then, LEIT has grown significantly with new students enrolling each day. LEIT has been educating thousands of students for the past 15 years and most of the students have gained significant improvements. Now, in the digital era when most businesses turn to online basis, LEIT has also ventured out into the world of digital education by transforming itself to a global English Course which can educate students worldwide - either in its classrooms or in its online platform. 

LEIT always adheres to its basic philosophy: the 5 important leadership values (ICISD – Integrity, Compassion, Intelligence, Self-confidence and Determination) to help students improve their English. If these 5 leadership values are realized, students are able to acquire excellent English skills in a shorter time, since they have conquered the obstacles of diffidence and fear that otherwise inhibit the production of accurate English. In addition, learning in this manner teaches students to become pleasant individuals who can win the hearts of millions of job providers and business owners, giving them greater opportunities and resources to build a better future. With the skills and qualities taught at LEIT, students have a real opportunity to become the real winners and leaders of their own future, having a good influence on those around them, and contributing positively to their community and country. This is the ultimate mission that LEIT has always endeavored to achieve.

LEIT is managed by a holding company (PT LEIT Universal Visioner / LEIT Group) which also manages some other Strategic Business Units such as Leader Land Preschool & Kindergarten, Leader Land Primary School, and EnglishBillion.com.

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