Secondary Program

Students in secondary and higher level schools require more interaction with others in order to become successful learners. With acceptance from those around themstudents will develop their confidence and be able to make better use of the resources available to them.English is displayed and used in a variety of ways at this level through communication with fellow students and teachers in the classroom and through social interactions involved in class activities to absorb, build and display information. These processes should be supported by visual aids and kinesthetic techniques (the physical handling of objects) to help students connect concepts to new vocabulary.

LEIT offers its Secondary Program based on these principles to accommodate secondary students’ needs and skills.

Secondary :

Age: Junior and Senior high graders (based on placement test result)

Level: 4 levels (with 3 sub-levels for each: Secondary 1A/B/C until Secondary 4A/B/C)

Duration: 2 – 3 months per sub-level; up to 3 years to complete

Subjects: Grammar, Vocabulary, Functional Language, Pronunciation and Spelling, 4 skills (Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing)